The eight annual (2014) China-Hangzhou Cultural Creative Industry exhibition will open.

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- Hangzhou Is the Most Memorable Will Be Shown during Labor Day Holiday
- The Number of Tourists in Chargeable West Lake Scenic Spots Has a Year-on-Year Growth of 33% during Qingming Long Weekend
- Chinese Flowering Crabapple Blossoms around West Lake Are in Full Bloom
- The Most Beautiful Spring Tea Season Is Coming!
- Time to Enjoy Beautiful Spring Scenery Again
- The First Batch of West Lake Longjing Tea
- West Lake Scenery Area Is Taking on a New Look
- Hangzhou: The Season of Flowers Has Started Again
- Hangzhou Spring Tourist Season Has Started
- West Lake Will Step into Its Best Season
- Tang Three Color Works Are Exhibited at West Lake Museum
- Liechtenstein Special Exhibition Is Being Held at Hangzhou Museum
- The First “Night of Persia” at China Silk Museum
- The Opening Ceremony of “Collections of Famous Artists’ Bamboo Paintings through the Ages” Was Held Yesterday
- Come to See Fun Jellyfish at National Wetland Museum of China
- Zhejiang Museum Will Open Soon
- Human and Nature inside and outside the Paintings
- Appreciate the Pot King at National Wetland Museum of China
- Modern Landscape Painting Works Exhibition Is Being Held at Zhejiang Provincial Museum
- Learn Crafts from Folk Crafts Masters
- Southern Song Imperial Street Invites You to Experience “Floating Wine Cups along Winding Water”
- Longwu B&B in Beautiful Tea Gardens
- Tea Party Invitation from Southern Song Imperial Town
- Paint Spring on Long Drawing Paper
- “King of Peony” of Hangzhou
- Cherry Blossoms Are in Full Bloom at Bali Qiantang
- Poetic Mountain Village, Flowery Dongqiao
- A Sea of Flower, a Village of Exoticism
- Miles of Flowery Peach Garden
- Go and Enjoy Spring Flowers on Mogan Mountains
- Zhejiang Local Food Festival Will Open Tomorrow
- Russian Girl Nastia: Share Longjing Tea with the World
- 2017 Hangzhou Tea Culture Expo Has Been Launched
- Qingming Long Weekend: Have a Date with Strawberries
- The First Batch of Spring Longjing Tea Is Ready for Picking
- Hands up, Strawberry Lovers!
- Appreciate Camellias and Have a Taste of New Year
- Jiande Strawberry Has Come into Season
- Foreigners Love Buying Chinese Commodities Online Too
- Enjoy Great Fun at the 3rd Grand Canal Fair
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