The eight annual (2014) China-Hangzhou Cultural Creative Industry exhibition will open.

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- West Lake District Launches Two Tourist Routes for Spring Outing
- “Scenic Area Patrol” of West Lake Is Looking for New Blood
- Another West Lake Night Bus Line in Hangzhou
- Smiley Peach Blossoms in March
- Hangzhou Launches a “Special Night Tour Route around the West Lake”
- Most Memorable Is Hangzhou Will Start in the Evening of March 18th
- At West Lake: Visitors Drunk in the Soft Breeze
- Big Time for Flower Appreciating in Hangzhou
- Spring Is Coming
- West Lake Becomes the Most Popular Scenic Area during the Spring Festival
- Another Masterpiece Building “China Design Museum” in Hangzhou Will Open on April 8
- Bring You into the World of Russian Art
- Liangzhu Jade Cong of Zhejiang Museum Has Been Selected as National Treasure for Special Exhibition
- National Treasures Triggers a Treasure-hunting Hot in Museum
- Cute Spring Festival Celebration Is Being Held in Zhejiang Art Museum
- Get to Know the History of Watercolor Printmaking at Zhejiang Art Museum
- Old Article Exhibition Is Being Held at the Grand Canal Museum
- Join the Countdown Feast in the Museums beside the Grand Canal
- Hangzhou’s First Hanfu Exhibition Will Be Held at Museum of Hangzhou Local Chronicles
- Fuchun Mountains Complex Opens
- Travel around Hangzhou Simply with a Smartphone
- Hangzhou Launches New Way to Travel via Smartphone
- Blooming Azalea Blossoms and Chinese Roses Invite You to Xixi Wetland This Weekend
- Tickets of the 13th Xihu Music Fest Are Available Today, Waiting for Music Fans on 12th and 13th May
- Zhejiang Version of Sport and Recreation Towns Launched
- The First International Tourism Festival around The Grand Canal Has Opened
- Beautiful Scenery Attracts Numerous Tourists to Prince Bay Garden
- Xixi Flower Festival Will Start This Saturday
- Hangzhou Tourism German Version Launched
- Wintersweets Are in Full Bloom in Xixi Wetland
- Blockchain Gives Every Box of Longjing Tea an “ID”
- New Xihu Longjing Tea Leaves Are Ready to Be Picked
- UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicle) Are Adopted in Longjing Tea Garden
- A Tea Boom unfolded by West Lake Longjing Spring Tea
- To Develop the Best Tea Brand of China and the World
- New Activities at Zhejiang Agriculture Expo This Year
- The First Hangzhou Cuisine Logo Has Been Issued
- The List of Top 10 Chinese Tea Zone Public Brands Is Released
- Come and Taste Loquats in Tangxi Early This Summer
- Zhejiang Local Food Festival Will Open Tomorrow
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