Geely and Daimler AG Will Set up a Factory and Make smart in China

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Investment Guides
- Customer Exploiting by Foreign Trade in Pandemic to Cross-border E-commerce
- Voucher-based Consumption of 453 Million Yuan in 2.5 Days
- HZ-based Rongteng 5G Industry Fund Registers with AMAC
- China Mulls Measures to Rev up Auto Consumption amid Coronavirus Hit
- Hangzhou Ranking 2nd Nationally in 2019 in Outsourcing Service Exported
- Cross-border New Retail Comprehensive Industrial Park to Start Construction in HZ
- Hangzhou High-Tech Zone looks to attract more investment
- Zhejiang Province in 2019: Over ¥ 1 Trillion in the Import and Export Volume
- Yearly Reduction of ¥ 150 Billion in Zhejiang’s Five Fresh Moves
- Hangzhou to Build China Integrated Demonstration Plot of Culture and Tourism This Year
- A Hangzhou-based company develops AI-powered robots to provide counseling services for people impact...
- Digital economy and new manufacturing plans spur new growth in Hangzhou
- Hangzhou Facilitating Foreign Trade Enterprises to Overcome Obstacles
- Again Alibaba Global Mathematics Competition with an Over 1-Million Prize
- Cloud Signing As a Gateway to the Outside World: A Major ACG Project into Hangzhou
- Headquarter Construction of Alibaba DAMO Academy Set in Motion
- Hangzhou Future Sci-tech City: 60 Days’ Free Lodging for Talents
- Hangzhou’s Online Recruitment: The All-time Top One in Size and Class
- GASME and GMA in Aid of Hangzhou
- The Hangzhou Foreign Trade Firm: Facilitating by Overseas Orders to Fight against the Epidemic
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