The eight annual (2014) China-Hangzhou Cultural Creative Industry exhibition will open.

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Prominent Educators
- Authoritative English Education Experts Talk about English Learning
- Thesis of Hangzhou Scholar Has Been Published in International Periodical
- Two Primary School Students from Hangzhou Win an International Dancing Champion in Thailand
- Nobel Prize Winner has been Hired as an Honorary Professor of Zhejiang University
- Two Female Teachers in Fuyang Went to Malaysia, Working as Volunteer Teachers
- Make Contribution to Enhance the Internationalization of Hangzhou
- “Foreign Expert” Guides “Local Farmers”
- Embrace the Internet and Receive Good Overseas Chinese Education
- Great Teacher of Traditional Chinese Studies and President of the Xiling Seal Art Society Rao Zongying Celebrated His Hundredth Birthday Yesterday
- In One of the Hangzhou University “Shadowboxing” Became A Compulsory Course For The Freshmen
Preparatory Schools
- Australian Professor Will Tour Cross-Generation Creative Art Works Back in Hometown
- Only 30 Students of Hangzhou Foreign Languages School Attend College Entrance Examination This Year
- The First New College Entrance Examination of Zhejiang Starts Today
- The First Zhejiang Teacher Assigned to Foreign Country Tries “Combined Class” in Kenya
- DI Shanghuang Team from Hangzhou No. 7 High School Won “Renaissance Award” in Global Contest
- Focus on the Cultivation of Top Innovative Talents
- German Football Coach Arrives at Wahaha Bilingual School
- Hangzhou International School Celebrates Its 15th Anniversary
- High School International Class Enrollment Plan Is Released
- Australian Principal Wants to Introduce Xiyan High School’s Fundraising Activity
Colleges and universities
- Non-Foreign Language Major Student Takes Part in Societies to Learn Foreign Languages
- Hangzhou Girl Gets Offers from Both MIT and Harvard
- The Award Ceremony of the First International Home Furnishing Creative Design Competition Was Held
- Presidents of Global Famous Colleges “Show Love” to Zhejiang University
- ZUCC-UW Joint Institute Has Been Established
- Xiasha: The University of Auckland Sets the First Innovation Institute China
- The Empire State Building Will Be Lit for University of Mainland China for the First Time
- College Student from Wenzhou Attended the United Nations Climate Change Conference and Spoke for Green Development
- Two Quality International Schools Will Be Built in Hangzhou
- Students from Jiliang University Win the Fourth Place at American Business Plan Competition
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