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HZ’s college student crowned the Voice of China champ
en.hangzhou.com.cn  2020/11/25 14:30  City Express

The Voice of China has wrapped up its 9thseason on Nov 22. Premiered on Aug 21 and lasted for 2 months, the contest was another auditory feast to the fans.

Shan Yichun, a college student from ZhejiangConservatory ofMusicwas crowned this season’s champion, and brought her coach Li Jian the“winner coach”for the second time in a row.

This 18 year-old girl outlast all with 35,311 votes. Her voice, which was highly commented by her mentor Wang Tao and many others as bright, passionate and pure, surprised the audience for another time. The song “Long distance”became an instant hit on the internetafter being performed by Shan after the finale.

Wang Tao was also the deputy director of ZhejiangConservatory ofMusic. He told theCity Expressthat the school had proved with a high competence in training the best popular singers. “And the school is in Zhejiang.”

Xing Hanming, the winner from last year’s season, also went to the same music college.

Author:Wu Yuehua Editor:Zhang Di
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