“All-Purpose Card” for Foreign High-End Talents Will Be Put into Use Soon

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Investment Guides
- 36 Hangzhou Enterprises Are Listed as Top 100 Zhejiang Private Enterprises
- Zhejiang’s Import and Export Value Grows by 9.3% in the First Seven Months
- Zhejiang Province Cooperates with Selangor to Create New Opportunity for E-Commerce
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- Hangzhou Holds Special Innovation and Entrepreneurship Program for Foreigners for the First Time
- The Second Hangzhou Expo of Intelligent Life Will Be Held Soon
- The Import and Export Volume of Hangzhou Reached 245.87 Billion Yuan and the Yearly Quota of Oversea...
- Hangzhou Digital Economy Takes a Lead in Innovative Industrial Development
- Zhejiang: Another 30 Companies Will Possibly Be Listed This Year
- Fisker Makes Investigation in Hangzhou for Its Factory Building Plan
- The Listing of Pinduoduo in the US Makes HUANG Zheng a New Richest Post-80 Businessman in Hangzhou
- Another Hangzhou Unicorn Will Be Listed
- This Hangzhou Design Company Has Won All the “Oscar Awards” in Design Circles
- u51 Credit Card, a Hangzhou Unicorn, Has Been Listed in Hong Kong
- Alibaba Holds “Malaysia Week” Activities
- The Talk between Jack MA and Mahathir Floods Southeastern Media
- Mahathir Speaks Highly of Alibaba’s Globalization Idea
- Great Star Purchases Lista at a Price of 1.2 Billion Yuan
- The Revenue of 2018 Fiscal Year of Alibaba Reached 250,266,000,000 Yuan, Increasing by 58% on a Year...
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