The eight annual (2014) China-Hangzhou Cultural Creative Industry exhibition will open.

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Investment Guides
- Hangzhou (China) – Novosibirsk (Russia) Postal Air Freighter Has Been Put into Service
- “Made in Hangzhou” Is Speeding up to Be Part of Globalized Market
- The Per Capita Entrepreneurship Density of Hangzhou Ranks the First Place in China
- Foreign Experts Bring Projects to Hangzhou, Planning to Make Great Achievements Here
- What Attracts International Talents to Start Business Here?
- Hangzhou Establishes International Talent Entrepreneurship and Innovation Park
- Young Entrepreneurs of Binjiang Video-talked with Their Counterparts in Silicon Valley
- “Foreign Makers”: Entrepreneurship Makes Us Love Hangzhou More and More
- The First Overseas Talent Contact Station Has Been Established in Gongshu District
- HEDA Holds a Promotion Seminar in Dusseldorf, Germany
- “Foreign Makers” in Hangzhou Have Their Own “Magic Keys”
- Four Major Cross-Border E-Commerce Giants Meet in Hangzhou
- Swedish Prime Minister Leads Brand Business Group to Visit Alibaba
- Olympic Logo “Five Rings” Is Settled in Hangzhou for the First Time
- European Railway Ticket Sales Platforms Offer Services on Fliggy
- Google Experience Center Has Been Launched
- Prime Minister of Malaysia Comes to Hangzhou to Learn Experience
- You Can Buy Import Cars Online Now
- Cashless Alliance Has Been Set up in Hangzhou
- Foreign Businessman Working in Hangzhou for Ten Years
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