The eight annual (2014) China-Hangzhou Cultural Creative Industry exhibition will open.

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- Hangzhou Public Overseas Warehouse Management System Is Launching
- “Greenway Engine” of Thousand Island Lake Is Full of Potential
- Opening of Top Star Weiqi Tournament
- Enjoy a Journey in Museum
- Closing of Overseas Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition in Hangzhou 2017
- Introduce New Works to Promote Southern Song Dynasty Culture
- The First International School in the Sub-Center of Eastern Hangzhou Has Been Built
- Foreign Young Man Learns to Cook “West Lake Ten Views Feast”
- Hangzhou: The Number of Inbound Tourists Increased against the Trend in the First Half of This Year
- Hangzhou Citizens Enjoy Convenient Entry and Exit Service
- National Marathon: Keep Running! You May Be a Runner at Tokyo Olympic Games
- Special Concert Has Been Held by Zhejiang Conservatory of Music at National Centre for the Performance Arts
- “China Sea Rim” Cruise Ship Has Berthed in Zhoushan
- Press Center for the Fifth Session of the 12th NPC and the Fifth Session of the 12th CPPCC National Committee Has Been Put into Service
- The First Overseas Factory of Boeing Has Been Settled in Zhoushan
- The First Carbon Satellite of China Has Been Successfully Launched to Monitor the Concentration of Carbon Dioxide
- Buy Your Ticket Home as Soon as Possible since Ticket Rush for Spring Festival Have Already Begun
- Hangzhou Public Toilets Excel throughout China
- International Motorboat Open will be Held in Cao’e River next Month
- “G20 and China” International Seminar · Press Conference of Think Tank Monographs Studied on G20 Was Held
- Xiling Seal Society Is Enhancing Sino-Japanese Cultural Communication
- Hangzhou Municipal Leaders Attend D20 Summit in Hamburg, Germany
- G20 Sino-German Business and Investment Summit Was Held in Hamburg
- From Hangzhou to Hamburg: “Giant Dragon of Silicon Valley” Will Launch in Germany
- “Image of Hangzhou” Taxis Appear on the Streets of Hamburg, Germany
- G20 Hamburg Summit Closed
- Meet the Grand Canal World Tour
- Expo 2017 Astana China Pavilion Tunes in to “Zhejiang Channel” Today
- Hangzhou Public Bicycle Project Wins Ashden Award in the UK
- Feel the Charm of Hangzhou at “Oscar of Animation Circle”
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