2024 Zhejiang Africa Cup kicks off with more participation
en.hangzhou.com.cn   2024-04-24 15:21   Source: Hangzhoufeel

The 2024 Zhejiang Africa Cup Football Tournament commenced on Saturday, Apr 6th, in Hangzhou, featuring four matches among eight participating teams on the opening day. Organized by the Hangzhou International Students Football Association (HAISFA) in collaboration with the Zhejiang Hercules Football Club, this five-week tournament aims to foster sportsmanship and provide a platform for friendly interactions among international students through football. The event has garnered support from various local entities, including the Linping Football Association and the Zhejiang Africa Service Center, emphasizing its role in promoting cross-cultural exchanges between locals and international students.

This year's tournament has generated high expectations among football enthusiasts. Mr. Jian Zhiyong, the Manager of Hercules FC, expressed his commitment to promoting sporting activities for international students in Hangzhou. He remarked, "Watching them play football reminds me of my passion for the sport when I was young. I am also delighted that so many African students can come together to enjoy the happiness of football on the weekend. The number of participants in this tournament reflects Hangzhou's level of internationalization. I believe we will see more international sports and cultural activities organized in this city in the future. Hercules looks forward to collaborating with them to make the game more professional and enjoyable."

Picosso, the team leader of the Moroccan team, stated, "This weekend has set the stage for an exciting tournament; the Zhejiang Africa Cup always brings a thrilling atmosphere and competitive football, showcasing the continent's diverse talent."

Building upon the successes and experiences from the previous year, this edition boasts increased participation from seven countries: Zambia, Tanzania, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Zimbabwe, Liberia, Nigeria, and Morocco, the latter contributing two teams. This expansion marks significant growth compared to the previous year's participation of five countries. Each team has registered 25 players and 3 team officials, making it the most influential unofficial sporting activity organized in Hangzhou.

Among the participating teams, Zambia, the defending champions, delivered a spectacular performance, securing an 8-2 victory against Maghreb United (Morocco B). Reflecting on the win, Henry, the Zambian Captain, expressed his satisfaction with the tournament's evolution, highlighting the enjoyable atmosphere and immense support surrounding the event, while extending wishes for its continued success.

With the tournament ongoing, all teams have undergone adequate preparations and are in high spirits, setting the stage for a competitive and exciting tournament ahead.

Author: Eric Mupona  Editor: Ye Lijiao