The eight annual (2014) China-Hangzhou Cultural Creative Industry exhibition will open.

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News photo
- Beautiful Sea of Calliopsis Appears in Urban Center of Hangzhou
- Jianggan District Held “Reciting along Qiantang River” Hangzhou Poem Reciting Activity 2017
- 1,000-Year-Old “Ancient Architectural Complex” Is Discovered in Lin’an
- Chunjiang Community Is Developing into an International Community
- Public Service without Borders Makes a Cool Summer
- Morning and Evening Glows Make the Sky Red
- Olympic “Little Lotus” Is Ready to Bloom
- New Center of North Hangzhou Is Emerging alongside the Ancient Canal
- Which Books Do Hangzhou Citizens Love the Most in Libraries?
- Beautiful Scenery of “Gem Bathed in Flowing Rosy Clouds” Appears in Hangzhou
- A Bus with Retro Hand Drawings Takes You Back to Hangzhou in the 1980s
- Hangzhou Grand Theatre “International Feast • Theatre Festival” Grandly Unveiled
- Line 2: Reading-Themed Train Has Been Launched
- Watch the Dreamlike Starry Night Light Show at Qiantang River
- “Purple Sea of Flowers” in Summer
- Special Train with the Theme of Voluntary Blood Donation Has Been Launched
- You Can See the Whole World Here!
- Time to Appreciate Summer Lotus
- Exhibition of Intangible Cultural Relics
- Dragon Boat Races in Hangzhou
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