Practical measures encourage college graduates to settle in West Hangzhou
en.hangzhou.com.cn   2022-06-14 15:43   Source: Hangzhou Daily

On June 13,45 undergraduate entrepreneurs from Fuyang, Lin'an, Tonglu, Chun'an and Jiande gathered in Tonglu to attend the special class on common prosperity of Hangzhou College Student Entrepreneurship School 2022, which was organized by the Talent Management Service Center of Hangzhou Human Resources and Social Security Bureau and the Organization Department of the CPC Tonglu County Committee (Talent Office).

On the site, Hangzhou Talent Management and Service Center announced to take practical measures and make use of policies, entrepreneurship courses and data platforms to encourage talents of all types to go towards rural areas and urge college students to start up business or find job in West Hangzhou. These efforts are able to aggregate youthful forces and unleash talents'vitality in creating a new pattern for common prosperity and quality development of greater Hangzhou. 

Author: Reporter: Fu Lingbo Correspondent: Wang Wen, Qian Li  Editor: Li Jiameng