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Zhejiang Lab launches key intelligent computing projects
en.hangzhou.com.cn  2020/10/20 13:18  Xinhua.net

Chinese research institute Zhejiang Lab on Friday launched a batch of major projects on intelligent computing, targeting breakthroughs in eradicating bottlenecks of computing power, energy efficiency and security, among others.

Jointly established by the Zhejiang provincial government, Zhejiang University and Alibaba Group in September 2017, the lab has gathered more than 1,500 talents from all around the world and made several accomplishments, such as the Darwin Mouse, a newly developed brain-like computer that supports 120 million spiking neurons and nearly 100 billion synapses.

The projects launched include a large scientific facility of multi-dimensional intelligent perception, a brain-like computing system with 10 billion neurons, optical computing chips and systems, a wide-area collaborative intelligent computing system, and others, according to the lab.

"We should carry out basic research, build large scientific facilities and a fundamental supporting platform, focusing on future-oriented intelligent computing for a smart society," said Zhu Shiqiang, director of the lab.

Author: Editor:Zhang Di
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