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“Education + VR Pilot Demonstration Zone” launched in HZ’s Tonglu
en.hangzhou.com.cn  2020/12/08 14:48  City Express

The“Tonglu Education+VR pilot demonstration zone”was launched on Dec.7 on a conference, in a bid to carry on the“VR teaching”, the mode of which had previously wielded positive preliminary results, in an all-round way.

The conference was held in conjunctionwith a multitude of activities themed on“VR leading to a bigger world”, bringing together guests to map the future of digital countryside development in education.

Wu Junwei, a science teacher from Eshan Minority Elementary School, delivered a phenomenal pubic lecture, on which the attention of attendees was well addressed with an immersive online learning experience.

“Digital education strives to empowerstudents to progressively fall in love with study, and engage them further in studying.”Said Tang Qi, the designer of “Eshan Digital Countryside Project”, “and mitigate the uneven distribution in educational resources.”

As the first-in-the-nation digital education attempt, the “5G+VR class”mode, which has been introduced in Eshan Minority Elementary School since Oct.19, provides a more holistic and intuitive way to supplement lectures under full sensory scenarios, further enhancing the learning efficiency and quality of students .

Author:Wu Yuehua Editor:Zhang Di
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