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Adult Siberian Cranes first spotted in HZ's Qingshan Lake
en.hangzhou.com.cn  2020/12/04 14:49  City Express

On the morning of Dec1, the staff of Qingshan Lake Administration in Lin 'an District has spotted thecriticallyendangeredSiberian cranes during their routine inspection.

The Siberian crane (in Chinese: 白鹤), also known as the Siberian white crane or the snow crane, a national first-class protected bird, holds a place in Chinese culture, which symbolizes good luck and longevity.

It is the first timethat the adultSiberian crane hasbeen spotted within the QingshanLake National Forest Park, said Wang Weiguo, chief of the Resources Protection Section of the QingshanLake Administration.Adult cranes' faces are bare of feathers and brick-red in color.

Author:CHEN Xinyi Editor:Zhang Di
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