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A Guide on Sweet Osmanthus in Hangzhou
en.hangzhou.com.cn  2019/09/06 15:10  City Express

This newly-blooming osmanthus fragrans is regarded as the superstar at Hangzhou Children’s Park(Sweet Osmanthus Rain at Manjuelong Village) and marking the beginning of the full-bloom season of sweet-scent osmanthus.

This year the Hangzhou West Lake Osmanthus Festival will kick off on Sept. 21 at Hangzhou Children’s Park, where more than 3,000 osmanthus fragrans are blooming until the mid-October.

Here is an osmanthus map at the West Lake Scenic Spots.

Juanxi(蠲戏) Book House

Located at the Flower Pond Park, the bookstore is surrounded by osmanthus fragrans trees.

Opening Time: 8:30-16:30

Osmanthus-crape myrtle Garden of Hangzhou Botanical Garden

More than 2,000 osmanthus fragrans are planted in the garden.

China National Tea Museum

More than 180 osmanthus fragrans are growing around the Yuchuanlou(玉川楼). Tasting a cup of osmanthus tea is a good choice here.


The best place to appreciate osmanthus is the platform next to the West Lake. Osmanthus tea is also offered there.

Hupao Park

Osmanthus fragrans are planted near the Hupao Spring. Two ancient trees are always the first to bloom.

Author:Jin Yingying Editor:CHEN Junnan
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