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Go Fishing in Xihu District
en.hangzhou.com.cn  2020/03/25 16:16  City Express

It is the golden season for fishing! Over 200 fishing spots alongside the 17 fishing watercourses in Hangzhou's Xihu District are now awaiting fishing enthusiasts. 

Here comes the list of the fishing spots:

·Zijingang River(West Wensan Rd. - West Wener Rd.): around 20 spots

·Shanhusha River(Bibo Rd.): around 10 spots

·Fengjia River(Intersection of Gucui Rd. and West Wensan Rd.): around 5 spots

·Gudangwan River(Huaxing Rd. – West Wener Rd.): around 20 spots

·Lianhua Bay(Tianmushan Rd. – Gaoji Street): around 20 spots

·Xujiamen Bay(intersection of Dengcai Street and Houren Rd.): around 10 spots

·Sandun Bay(North Zijinghua Rd. Wenxin Bridge): around 20 spots

·Wuxinglian Bay(intersection of Zhuangdun Rd. and North Zijingang Rd.): around 20 spots

·Western segment of Yanshan River(Gudun Rd. – Jingzhou Rd.): around 20 spots

·Donghuan River(the watercourse at the north side of Yuhangtang Rd.): available at all sections

·Xihuan River(the north platform if Wending Bridge): two fishing platforms

·Baiyang River(platforms in both sides of Huizhou Bridge): two fishing platforms

·Beijiaqiao Bay(west side of Tianpan Bridge to the belt highway): available at all sections

·No.3 Riverside(across the Hangzhou Municipal Party School): two fishing platforms

·Pengjiaqiao Bay: the platform at the intersection of Pengjiaqiao Bay and Zhenzhong Rd.

·Eastern segment of Yanshan River(Daogu Bridge to Hangda Rd.): two fishing platforms

·Shangdong River(east side of Jingshanling Rd. Bridge: available at all sections

Anglers are required to keep a minimum distance of one meter from each other when fishing.

Author:Jin Yingying Editor:Wang Yueyun
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