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How to do epidemic prevention and control after third-year senior and junior students return back to school in Zhejiang?
en.hangzhou.com.cn  2020/04/16 15:38  Zhejiang News

On April 13, the province's third-year senior and junior students became the first batch of students to start school. With the end of the longest winter vacation, the sound of reading books can now be heard again on school campuses.

How do the students attend class during the epidemic? How do they avoid gathering during lunch and supper? Let's take a look at what Hangzhou High School and Hangzhou Qinghe Experimental School are doing.

Hangzhou High School

"I've been wanting to start school for a long time!"

Before 7 a.m., third-year senior students of Hangzhou High School arrived at the school gate. The school has set four passageways for the students to enter the school. After having temperature measured and scanning the health QR code, the students entered the school. The whole process was quite smooth.

The teachers of Hangzhou High School were attentive and prepared a blessing bag in advance for each student, which contained a bottle of wash-free hand sanitizer, two masks and a letter written by the teachers that read “Although the school starts late and the college-entrance examination has been postponed, you still have a bright future. It doesn’t matter whether the school starts early or late. Study hard during the next few months and you will have a valuable and unforgettable memory as well as a bright future.”

Cai Xiaoxiong, principal of Hangzhou High School, said that the school would suspend class break exercises to avoid gathering. However, considering that the students had attended online classes for a long time, the school would offer more physical education classes.

To enforce staggered meals, the third-year senior students started their first class when they should have done morning reading. To ensure safety over meals, the students were asked to have lunch and dinner at school.

"We assigned each student a number that corresponds to the number on the canteen table. They are asked to sit on their assigned seats over meals. Next, we will install a bulkhead between two fixed seats." Cai Xiaoxiong introduced that after the start of senior grade one and grade two, the school would arrange for grade one students to eat in their classrooms in order to continue to enforce staggered meals.

Hangzhou Qinghe Experimental School

At 7 a.m. on April 13, there was a bustle of people at the school gate of Hangzhou Qinghe Experimental School.

At the school gate, two volunteers in red vests kept reminding students arriving at the school, "Prepare your citizen card and get ready for taking body temperature, swiping citizen card, and showing your health QR code before entering the school." What if a certain student forgot to carry his or her citizen card? The school had an emergency plan for this. Students just have to input their ID number and their health information will be displayed.

Meals are of great concern to students’ parents. The current solution is that students have lunch in their classrooms. Besides, the desks and chairs have been separated from each other in the shape of a plum blossom so as to space students apart as much as possible.

Author:Ji Yuya, Jiang Xiaorong, Xu Yan Editor:Wang Yueyun
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