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International students at Wenzhou Medical University gave free online tutorial classes to children of medical workers on the frontline
en.hangzhou.com.cn  2020/04/01 08:58  Wenzhou Medical University

“I see that China is doing its utmost to help other countries fight the epidemic. As an international student studying in China, I will also do something for respectable white angels and this country." Since February 11th, 13 international students coming from South Africa, Nepal, Zimbabwe, Nigeria, and other countries, studying at Wenzhou Medical University have joined the online free-tutoring program named "Classes during the epidemic". They have provided children of front-line medical workers (who are called “heroes in harm’s way”) in Wenzhou to solve their worries.

Khandice, a girl coming from Dominica, is one of the student volunteers. Knowing that the school is in need of volunteers to teach spoken English, she sent her application immediately to her teacher. By saying that “Any time I need help, Chinese people are always patient with me and trying to understand me”, she wanted to take this opportunity to do something for China. "The only thing I thought is about trying my best to take care of these children." In order to meet the language learning needs of children of different ages, and improve learning efficiency, she often prepares lessons late at night. Although the process was hard, she felt satisfied by doing her bit for the front-line medical workers in this way.

Salome is a Zimbabwean volunteer among the first batch participating in the program, who helped children of members of the first batch of Zhejiang medical team providing aid to Hubei (including Zhang Lehui, the child of Ma Ping, Nurse in charge of Respiratory Department, Second Hospital of Wenzhou Medical University) with their studies. “When I was explaining various jobs to the children, little Lehui asked me, ‘Salome, my mom is a doctor, why she is always away from home?’” which left Salome a deep impression, when she felt that the little boy missed his mom so much on his face. Since his parents could not accompany him by his side due to the epidemic, he often wrote postcards to express his missing and wishes for the day of the family reunion. Ma Ping wrote on her protective suit that “Be brave, my son, I love you!” Such simple words demonstrated greatness and dedication of “sacrificing a family for the whole public”. Salome explained patiently to the little boy about the mission and responsibility of medical workers of curing and saving lives. During another class shortly after, Lehui, the little boy who could not understand why his parents could not accompany him by his side, suddenly told her that, “Salome, tell you a secret, my mother is an angel!” which made Salome so relieved that she considered all that she has done was meaningful.

Bishnu was a Nepalese student who also gave warmth to children through the screen. He would routinely ask children“Do you have any questions?” before ending the classes. Zou Pengran, quite different from his usual shyness, asked so many questions. His mother, Liu Minou, is a medical worker in the Second Hospital of Wenzhou Medical University, who has been fighting in the frontline against the epidemic. She noted that “I was a little worried about my son’s complaint since I spent little time accompanying him these days as he was still too young.” But she relieved after seeing her son’s words “Mom, I love you so much.” “My son often told me that what the elder teacher taught was interesting, I was grateful that the international students could accompany my child, not only for new knowledge of English speaking but also making him understand my work gradually.”

Since the beginning of the program of “Online classes during the epidemic—English spoken classes by international students”, 13 international students have been successfully paired with 40 families to conduct more than 100 English-spoken teaching classes. We won’t stop as the epidemic has yet come to an end. Regardless of skin colors and languages, people are connected with love. It is our belief that Spring is coming as Winter has been passed.

Author: Editor:Wang Yueyun
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