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Zhejiang Normal University launches a handbook in eight languages to support the COVID-19 prevention and control
en.hangzhou.com.cn  2020/03/25 16:21  Zhejiang Normal University

In order to contribute to the strength of Zhejiang Normal University during the epidemic, Zhejiang Normal University International College, in close cooperation with the language resource innovation center of Beijing Language and Culture University, has launched the foreign language handbook for epidemic prevention and control in Thai, Russian, Swahili and other languages, which serves the epidemic prevention and control.

Once published, the “Foreign language handbook for epidemic prevention and control”, which was jointly translated and recorded by the foreign language service team of Zhejiang Normal University and the "Belt and Road" young sinologists, became the focus of the media and was reported successively by the People's Daily Overseas Edition and the Zhejiang Daily Press Group.

The handbook covers daily precautions, entry precautions, common words for medical treatment, etc., and will be made into micro-video and multi-media cards in various languages. Behind the fruitful achievements, the overseas students of Zhejiang Normal University have concentrated their efforts. 

The handbook can be used by medical institutions, educational institutions, airports and ports, airlines, foreign affairs agencies, customs, and community management departments, as well as by overseas students and foreigners directly. It will help prevent the import of overseas epidemic cases, continue to prevent and control the domestic epidemic and spread the experience of China's anti-epidemic abroad. 

Sun Chunying, director of the master's degree program of Chinese International Education of Zhejiang Normal University, said, "on the one hand, this job is an experience that our overseas students majoring in Chinese international education actively participate in the national emergency language service, which can provide important information for foreigners and make contributions to epidemic prevention. On the other hand, through this translation service activity, it has also cultivated the feelings of overseas students to serve China and the world with language connectivity. "

Author: Editor:Wang Yueyun
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