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Zhejiang Sci-Tech University builds a voluntary service team to provide professional psychological services for the public
en.hangzhou.com.cn  2020/03/24 16:02  Zhejiang News

During the epidemic period against the COVID-19, thousands of medics fought against the virus at the frontline. However, the psychological status of the public could not be ignored. After the outbreak of COVID-19, Hong Fang, the party member and teacher of the Faculty of Psychology, School of Science, Zhejiang Sci-Tech University, rapidly organized a voluntary service team, to provide the professional psychological service for all walks of life and build the "warm-hearted psychological station" for the isolation masses and frontline anti-epidemic personnel.

The foundation to provide the service was to organize a team. On Jan. 29, Hong Fang began to recruit the volunteers. Within just three days, a team with more than 40 volunteers was created, including the psychiatrist, psychological teachers in the colleges and universities and the social-psychological workers.

Daguan Sub-district, Gongshu District, Hangzhou was one of the sub-districts they connected. Hong Fang and her team provided the psychological support for about 50 isolated households. 

During the service period, Hong Fang often received a consultation from the working personnel of communities and provided some suggestions for them. At one point position with the more severe epidemic situation, the sub-district secretary discussed with Hong Fang on what could be done to make the work more solid and provide more reassuring support for personnel isolated at home. With the guidance of Hong Fang and her team and the joint effort of the sub-district and community working for personnel, they combined the psychological intervention mechanism and the epidemic prevention and control mechanism, to provide the warm-hearted "Chicken Soup" for the frontline cadres, workers and isolation masses.

The online consultation, as the "bosom friend" crossing the space.

In addition, to conduct the psychological support for isolated households, Hong Fang and her team also opened the online psychological counseling mode, to solve problems for the frontline working personnel and isolated personnel and normal people. From Feb. 2, the team volunteers have opened two psychological assistance hotlines every day and provided nearly 200 times of telephone consultation service.

Besides, the volunteers knew about the psychological dynamics of residents and solved their psychological problems.

Hong Fang not only helped the adults but also assisted the children of medics fighting the COVID-19 at the frontline. From Mar. 1, Hong Fang and the student volunteers of Zhejiang Sci-Tech University have provided the education and other relevant support for the children of 80 medics fighting the virus at the frontline of Hubei and local places. This plan would continue until the beginning of primary and secondary schools in Zhejiang Province.

Author:Ji Yuya Editor:Wang Yueyun
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