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Korean-born musical Interview to hit HZ
en.hangzhou.com.cn  2020/12/16 16:02  City Express

Interview: A New Musical is the first Korean-born musical, written & composed by Korean artists, to be mounted off-Broadway. It is directed initially by Dimo Hyun Jun Kim. A Chinese version of the musical, directed by Zheng Dingyi, will be staged in Hangzhou soon.

When a famous psychologist and author call a temp agency for an apprentice, the perfect candidate appears at his door. Witty, studious, and eager to please, Matt Sinclair quickly makes an impression with Dr. Eugene Harper. However, all is not as it appears, and what starts as an interview soon turns sinister as the author's true motives are revealed. The Interview tells the story of a psychologist, a criminal defendant, and a legal system that stops at nothing to gain an alleged killer's confession…even if it means driving the accused to the brink of insanity.

Time: 19:30, Jan 15/16, 2021

Venue: Hangzhou Grand Theater

Ticket prices: 180/280/480/680/880 yuan

Author: Editor:Zhang Di
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