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FreshHema Now Accessible on Tmall
en.hangzhou.com.cn  2020/04/22 17:14  City Express

FreshHema's has officially opened its Tmall flagship store on Tuesday.

Hubei Crayfish, Yunnan Citrus, Hainan Pineapple, Malaysia Musang King Durian, Rwanda Chilli Sauce will be delivered to your door as soon as the next day.  

That is to say, FreshHema's Fresh fruits, vegetables, seafood are able to reach 700 million customers of Taobao and Tmall. In general, most parts of farm products come from Alibaba's 1,000 digital agricultural bases. Insider assessed that the action of the FreshHema T-mall store might be the integration of digitization and agriculture to form a closed-loop of business ecology.

The Digital agriculture base will be expected to develop into “The Hema Village”, carrying out fresh fruits and vegetables by direct sale from the original place.

Author:Lu Xiao Editor:Wang Yueyun
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