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Go for Pipi Shrimp!
en.hangzhou.com.cn  2020/04/16 16:53  City Express

Oratosquilla oratoria, also known as Pipi Shrimp in China, is a species of mantis shrimp found in the Western Pacific.

A sticker of the shrimp: Pipi Shrimp, let's go!

The best time to taste pipi shrimps falls in April and May every year, which is their breeding season and foodies can eat with its roe. The texture and flavor are said to be somewhere in between eel and shrimp.

Fingers and lips may be hurt while eating the shrimps because of its spears, which it uses to hunt invertebrates and small fish. That’s why the tasting process is hailed as a “fight” with the shrimps.

Pipi shrimps can be cooked in various ways. Here are some recommended by Hangzhou Gourmet’s Choice.

Home-made Pipi Shrimp

Zhe C Laolinshe Seafood(浙C老邻舍海鲜)

Price: 88 yuan

The dish is lighter than the braised shrimp in brown sauce, and the delicate flavor of shrimps is well–preserved.

Casserole made with Pipi Shrimp / Pipi Shrimp with Fish-head

Mr. Pipi Joy City Mall Branch(皮皮先生(大悦城店))

Price: 58yuan / 138yuan respectively

It is a specialized restaurant for oratosquilla-oratoria dishes. The casserole is fresh with the delicious flesh of the shrimp. The pipi shrimps with fish-head are made with the shape of hot-pot with spicy soup.

Pipi Shrimp with Stinky Tofu

Yin Shi Xiao Guan(隐食小馆)

Price: 128 yuan

The stinky tofu is a typical food regarded as “smell smelly, taste tasty.” The tofu was fried in advance, then soaked into the soup, and boiled with the shrimps.

Fried Pipi Shrimp with Spiced Salt

Yu Xian Yuxian, Xiaohe Famer’s Market(小河农贸市场鱼仙遇鲜)

Price: 58 yuan/500g

The shrimps will be fried twice for the crisp mouthfeel. 

Author:Jin Yingying Editor:Wang Yueyun
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