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30 Upgrades Completed at Hangzhou East Railway Station for Better Services
en.hangzhou.com.cn  2019/12/06 14:27  City Express

Recently, the Hangzhou East Railway Station has experienced a comprehensive upgrade on more than 30 services for passengers and the pick-up people as its complex terrains have been puzzling passengers for long. 

Removal of the security inspection equipment is one of the noticeable changes in the railway station. Since passengers need to have their baggage checked in the railway station, removing this repeated process can largely improve the passing capacity. As expected, this change enables traffic in the metro station to be largely declined.

You will also notice that the stand columns on the arrival floor were newly labeled with numbers, which is to help the passengers and pick-up people to recognize easier. According to one of the pick-up people, “I used to come here to pick up my friend. However, the Hangzhou East station is too huge for us to find each other. Putting on the number on the stand columns is an awesome decision.”

In addition to these, more than 30 passenger services have been completed, including the self-identity-verification, car-hailing, self-check-in, toilet upgrades and the commencement of the airport express construction.

According to the person in charge, the taxi lane is still under construction. Due to the harsh waiting environment and long queue, people waiting for taxis are always suffered. On the completion of this taxi lane, passengers will have a better environment when waiting for taxis.

Apart from all of these, the railway station is still expected to have more improvements from various aspects, in order to provide passengers with better traveling experiences.

Author:Lin Jingyi Editor:Wang Yueyun
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