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Taxi Fares to Rise from Next Month
en.hangzhou.com.cn  2019/11/29 14:43  City Express

Hangzhou’s taxi fares will rise from 1st December. Due to the complex processes of adjusting taximeters, passengers might encounter different initiate fares when hailing taxis in the coming month.

Currently, there are 12000 of taxis operating in Hangzhou. The replacement of taximeter’s chips only serves 500 taxis per day. Taxis to replace taximeter’s chips every day are randomly selected by the company. Completion of replacement is estimated to be at the end of next month, whereupon taxis fares will be unified.

The following are the details of adjustments of taxi fares:

The initiate fare will rise to 13 RMB per 3 km, the unit mileage fare (2.5 RMB/km) will not change. The unit waiting fare (when the speed is lower than 12km/h) from 7am-9am will charge for 3.75 RMB per 4 minutes, whereas for the other time it will charge for 2.5 RMB per 4 minutes.

The unit mileage fare will be increased by 50% when the total distance is greater than 10 km, that is, the unit mileage fare beyond 10 km will charge for 3.75 RMB/km.

The unit mileage fare will be increased by 30% from 23 pm to 5 am the next morning, that is, hailing for a taxi during this period will charge you for 3.25 RMB/km.

During the Chinese New Year holiday (the week starts from Chinese New Year’s Eve), 10 RMB will be charged additionally.

However, the taxi fares might also be affected by the price of gasoline and freight cost in the future years.

Author:Lin Jingyi Editor:Wang Yueyun
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