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Hangzhou's Waste Sorting Witnessed Great Progresses
en.hangzhou.com.cn  2019/11/28 14:47  City Express

According to the Hangzhou’s 3rd Forum on Waste Sorting, waste sorting campaign has been covered throughout the city in the past year with remarkable achievement and conspicuous improvement.

Since the first forum held in 2017, relevant departments have been endeavoring on proposing this new waste sorting pattern.

Six “bests” emerged from the new pattern:

- The highest popularizing rate: 99.5% of Hangzhou citizens have realized the importance of waste sorting and 90% of them believe that the new pattern has enhanced their awareness of environment protection.

- The highest participation rate: all of the public spaces in Hangzhou are implemented with new waste sorting pattern.

- The highest coverage rate: 3433 residential communities and a total of 2.06 million families have participated in the campaign of waste sorting.

- The best quality: a total of 649 residential communities are rewarded as role models of waste sorting. The growth rate of waste has fallen from 8-10% to 3% in the past three years.

- The most intensive publicity: 349 sessions of publicity have been successfully conveyed to citizens at various ages with different social identities.

- The best policy mechanism: various of laws and regulations are put into practice. Leading groups in municipal level of waste sorting take their position and cover all of the relevant units in the city and the counties.

According to Hangzhou’s Urban Management Department, the “Hangzhou pattern” of waste sorting will continuously be explored and practiced while perfecting its sorting system.

Author: Lin Jingyi Editor:Wang Yueyun
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