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5G Is Entering Hangzhou Jianlan Middle School
en.hangzhou.com.cn  2019/11/14 16:27  Shangcheng Release

On November 12, Hangzhou Jianlan middle school signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Hangzhou Mobile to build a 5G fully covered smart campus and set up the first 5G campus science lab. The middle school also become a demonstration base of “5G+ smart campus”.

Jianlan Middle school launched a "Jianlan Brain" construction project in 2017. The project was officially released in 2019 Hangzhou Yunqi conference. This is the city brain application in the field of education fall to the ground. The project will build a new teaching scenario, transfer students' learning behavior to data resources, and use the data as new production elements of the relationship between teaching and learning to achieve personalized education teaching.

Rao Meihong, the headmaster of Jianlan middle school, said that the application of 5G in education can balance resources of education, promote quality of education and extend the mode of education.

VR Multimedia Class

VR classroom with 5G power enables you to ski, make ceramics, and travel all around the world by the technology... The imperceptibility of everything will be visualized and embodied, allowing you to travel through the universe in Jianlan.

Electronic Student ID Card

The electronic student ID card has the function of track location. The electronic student ID enables SMS calls and SOS emergency calls. It also allows a small amount payment.

5G Classroom

5G paper-and-pencil class collects students' writing content in real time and feeds it directly to Jianlan's brain system for correction. After data being arranged, feedback information can be exchanged between home and school. Smart classroom can not only let students and parents find the direction to study, but also help teachers adjust their teaching plan.

Author: Editor:Wang Yueyun
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