Geely and Daimler AG Will Set up a Factory and Make smart in China

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KFC’s plant-based meat goes on sale in HZ
en.hangzhou.com.cn  2020/10/19 13:09  City Express

KFC announced the official launch of a limited-time plant-based burger in six domestic cities on Oct 12. The plant-based foods are on sale at 31 KFC branches and two Kpro branches in Hangzhou before Nov 8.

The price for four pieces of “chicken” nugget is 11 yuan. A plant-based burger will cost 35 yuan, which is slightly more expensive than the real meat burger.

KFC’s vegan “chicken” burgers, which were quickly sold out when released last year, have received an accolade at a vegan food awards event.

Author:Jin Yingying Editor:Zhang Di
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