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‍Learn some TCM wisdom with Hangzhoufeel
en.hangzhou.com.cn  2019/12/05 14:48  City Express

"Is Chinese medicine worth it?", "Does it work by believing?", "Is every traditional Chinese Medicine doctor reliable?"…These questions open the event at the Hangzhou Yongzhiyuan Traditional Chinese Medicine Clinic. Around 10 foreigners from Asia, Europe and America, etc. are very lucky to have the opportunity to experience the first-hand different Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) therapies last Wednesday on Nov. 27.

At the beginning of the event, lecturer Lucy Hu of Zhejiang Chinese Medical University introduces the main principles of TCM to the attendants who learn how by physically stimulating some specific areas of the body. Lucy says that a TCM practitioner can promote self-regulating functions and bring health to the patient. "You can be completely healthy and still ask for some treatment," What Lucy said causes surprise among some of the attendants, who would never think of going to a hospital unless they get sick.

During the activity participants have the opportunity to try different TCM treatments, including Moxibustion, Acupuncture, Cupping and Tui Na (or Chinese Massage). Some even have the chance to be diagnosed by Doctor Zhou Zhaoyue, who with 50 years of experience in TCM can localize malfunctions in the body of a patient within seconds by just feeling his pulse and watching his tongue. By the end of the session, Lucy teaches everyone some simple Tui Na (or massage) techniques that help to bring instant relaxation, comfort and mental serenity.

"It is a great experience. Chinese medicine feels very relaxing," says Michael from France, one of the attendees who experiences Moxibustion. Muhamed from Iran studies western Medicine in Zhejiang University, and he also shares his thoughts after the event, "For me, medicine based on large scale scientific research is more reliable, but it doesn't mean that traditional medicines are wrong," he says, "We know that TCM helps to release pain and can be helpful in the prognosis of some diseases, so today's experience with acupuncture and moxibustion is very pleasant."

What impresses Robert from US mostly is the moxibustion, "It has the equivalent benefit to 'getting some Yang Energy(阳气)' and it actually feels like that. It's really fantastic that the mox used to create heat produces a very similar healthy heat radiation that is made by the sun."

Jo from France thanks Hangzhoufeel team by saying" It is an interesting and fruitful afternoon. I really enjoy it." And Kate from Ukraine agrees that it is a very authentic experience to try traditional Chinese Medicine in China itself, not to mention those applicable tips on how to keep healthy and harmonious.

So now don't ask us is TCM suitable for you, and the simple answer is go and find out for yourself. You're here in China.

Author:Rodrigo Gabriel Ledesma Robert Townsend Editor:Wang Yueyun
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