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CICAF Shines at MIPCOM in Cannes
en.hangzhou.com.cn  2019/10/23 14:51  City Express

MIPCOM(Marché International des Programmes de Communication) is an annual trade show held in the French town of Cannes, and this year, the event was held from Oct.14 to 17.

The event is geared towards the television industry, primarily attended by representatives of television studios and broadcasters, who use the event as a marketplace to buy and sell new programs and formats for international distribution, as well as celebrities to promote programming.

The event also encompasses keynote presentations and panels featuring representatives of the industry discussing new trends and developments and premieres highly anticipated new programs globally as well.

Launched by National Radio and Television Administration, PRC, a joint booth of China was set with a series of “Focus on China” events to showcase the best of the country's programs and animation.

CICAF, together with Hangzhou animation companies, participated in the joint exhibition for the 11th consecutive year. Hangzhou made great efforts to get the latest information of the industry, insight into the international industry direction, and convey the voice of "the capital of animation" at the event. More foreign enterprises tend to know China and Hangzhou on their initiative.

Author:Jin Yingying Editor:Wang Yueyun
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