Hangzhou looks to take lead in development of YRD region

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Early Silent Blossoms of Cerasus Serrulata in TaiZiwan Park Surrender to Spring
en.hangzhou.com.cn  2019/02/22 15:20  Qianjiang Evening News

The persisting rains in Hangzhou cannot stop the approaching of spring, as flowers along West Lake have been overwhelmed and burst into blossoms.

Several trees of cerasus serrulata have been in bloom in TaiZiwan Park, a place frequently visited for flower appreciation, according to the reporter yesterday noon. As amessenger of springs, these flowers are said to be very famous for their earliest blossoms.

And, tulips in the Parkhavealso been in bud.

Author:Reporter JIN Dandan  Correspondents DING Gaofeng & WANG Chengcheng Editor:Xiao Yimin
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