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Lin’an Walnut Picked up This Weekend; More Big Meat This Year
en.hangzhou.com.cn  2009/09/03 17:15  Source:City Express

When it is the White Dew, we will take our stick and hit down the walnuts. Walnuts are all on the ground and we will carry them home with bamboo crates. According to the old practice, people will start to pick up walnuts the day before the White Dew, i.e. 6th September. That means Hangzhou people can eat this year’s walnuts at least by next week.

Xie Maolin, a spokesman of a large purchaser of Lin’an walnuts Maolin Food Company , said, the first batch can enter into the market at least by 10th September after the processes of peeling the shells, washing, drying and frying. Fried food producers Yaoshengji and Xiangke will put their products on the shelf around 15th September.

Author:Linhan Editor:Xu Danyu
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