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Zhang Xiaoquan Scissors
en.hangzhou.com.cn  2003/12/19 13:18  Source:www.chinapages.com

In China, the brand "Zhang Xiaoquan" represents not only scissors but also profound Chinese culture. Every generation worked hard to keep its reputation. In the past 335 years of history, "Zhang Xiaoquan" never stopped its technical renovation and innovation in raw material processing, scissors shape, product packaging and etc. Sharp bladed, easily open & close and light handling, it has been not only appreciated and accepted by the popular by also treasured by Emperor Qianlong in the Qing Dynasty and therefore entered the royal palace.

Through continuous technical renovation and upgrading, 90% of our production lines have realized mechanicalization and automation with an annual output production capacity amounting to more than 45 million pieces. It produces scissors of 120 types in 360 specifications, including sewing scissors series, family scissors series, garden scissors series, office scissors series, student scissors series, kitchen utensil series and knife series.

The KING SCISSORS which is 115 cm long and 56.64 kg in weight, has been recorded in the Genes World Record, while smallest scissors is only as tiny as 3 cm long and several grams in weight. Therefore the production ability is quite reliable and the technology provides excellent guarantee for products processing according to supplied sample.

"Zhang Xiaoquan" wins with its quality. Its market coverage in China is 90% and its sales takes 40% of Chinese scissors market. Thirty-six percent of its products are exported, of which 23% are to Japan, 16% to Taiwan and 10% to Europe. The company has the right to engage in import and export business.

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