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Hangzhou silk
en.hangzhou.com.cn  2003/12/19 12:49  

Along with Suzhou, Hangzhou silk is the best in the world and has been since the Tang and Song Dynasties, a period of over 1,000 years. Between Hangzhou and Suzhou, Suzhou's embroidery is the best in China, and Hangzhou is known for producing excellent silks and satins. In Hangzhou, the variety of silks available seems endless. Hangzhou satin is famous and one of the area's most successful export products. The layered weaving process is very labor intensive and produces fabulously luxurious fabric that feels great next on the skin.

Try the Hangzhou Friendship Store,the Hangzhou Meilun Textiles Store, or the Hangzhou Silk Store for silk and satin items.

There is also a silk market between Fengqi Lu and Tianmushan Lu. Most of the silk is artificial (real silk is very expensive!), but most stalls will have some real silk. Don't forget to haggle! You can get some really great prices.

Tailors are also available throughout Hangzhou to make dresses, shirts, and other clothing from silk and satin in a matter of days.

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