The eight annual (2014) China-Hangzhou Cultural Creative Industry exhibition will open.

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10 Night Scenes of Hangzhou
en.hangzhou.com.cn  2017/05/27 15:30  Hangzhou Daily 

Lights on Xixi Fishing Boats Photo by LU Xinqun

Neon Lights in Hefang Street Photo by XIE Yingqing

“10 Night Scenes of Hangzhou” press was held beside the West Lake last night. They are: Tower Reflection at the Long Bridge, Water Fun by West Lake, Neon Lights in Hefang Street, Moon Appreciation by Qiantang River, Glorious Brilliance of the Sun and the Moon, Sunlight at Mountain Pavilion, Summer Dream of Xianghu, Lights on Xixi Fishing Boats, Floating Reflection on the Grand Canal, and Hangzhou Is the Most Memorable.

Author:ZHAO Fangzhou Editor:CHEN Junnan
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