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Yuhang District Is Recruiting Government Employees Worldwide, Offering an Annual Salary up to 500,000 Yuan
en.hangzhou.com.cn  2018/07/02 15:23  Qianjiang Evening News

Yuhang District released an announcement to recruit “Double 10s” government employees (including 10 senior government employees and 10 intermediate government employees) worldwide at the beginning of this April, attracting broad attention.

According to relevant data, more than 290 domestic and overseas high-level talents from five continents submitted applications, among which over 60 of them were selected and came to Yuhang for the onsite interview based on early-stage qualification examination and video interview.

The second round of structuralized interview started yesterday. 20 applicants will be selected in the final. The result will be released in the early-to-mid period of July.


Author:Reporter  SHI Wen  Correspondent  CHEN Daoliang Editor:Dong Lixue
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