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Go to Jiande to pick up strawberry for fun!
en.hangzhou.com.cn  2013/02/21 17:27  Source:Source City Express


The fifth Jiande Xin’anjiang·China Strawberry Festival, also the 17 Xin’anjiang River Strawberry Picking up Tour initiated the opening ceremony yesterday. The mail strain of the strawberry in Jiande is named of Hongxia. It tastes like wild strawberry with a little tart flavor in sweet. It has achieved the first price of the national strawberry competition. In recent years, Jiande government has promoted soil-free stereoscopic strawberry. Without soil, it looks clean and easy to pick, unnecessary to bend down.

The best picking period of Jiande strawberry is January 5 to April 5, as long as three months, in three main production areas including Yangcunqiao Town, Xiaya Town and Hangtou Town.

Author:Reporter Zhou Shaoyan Editor:易晔
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