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2009Hangzhou Leisure Shopping Festival starts next month
en.hangzhou.com.cn  2009/11/19 16:19  Source:Hangzhou Daily

A consumption boom will appear in the last month of 2009 in Hangzhou. Yesterday, Hangzhou Leisure Shopping Festival Organizing Committee held a press conference officially announced: 2009 Hangzhou Leisure Shopping Festival will be held on December 5 until January 3, 2010, lasting 1 month.  

It is informed that this year's leisure shopping festival was extended from two weeks to a month and its range was also extended from the main city in Hangzhou to all the districts and counties (towns). Leisure Shopping Festival will make "dynamic Hangzhou, exciting consumption" as its theme, "confidence and vitality," as the main line. It will combine the main urban areas with counties (towns) and districts. It introduces various forms of promotional activities including the following 5 sections: fashion life, food life, colorful life, leisure life, Internet Life.

In section of fashion life, there are sale promotions in Hangzhou Tower, Intime, Hangzhou Jiebai department with the theme of "happy shopping, and feeling fashionable appeal". There will be various kinds of preferential discounts. In the section of food life, the main theme is "happy eating, tasting food in the heaven". The forms of the activity mainly involve providing new dishes, the preferential discounts, free tasting food in order to show the excellence of Hangzhou food industry. In the section of colorful life, 9 commercial blocks such as the Qinghefang, Sijiqing, the silk city and so on will hold the activities such as "shopping in the Chinese old shops", "associated goods exhibition" and "creativity exhibition". The main theme of it is "happy experience, feeling Hangzhou style". In the section of the leisure life, the activities involve "the bar carnival", "sharing coffee, sharing food" and so on.

Author:Ge Tingting Editor:Xu Danyu
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