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Hangzhou will become the "the third luxury goods empire" in China
en.hangzhou.com.cn  2009/11/12 16:57  Source:Hangzhou Daily

Since last year, in spite of the financial crisis, in China, the luxury goods sales increased rather than decreased. According to the latest forecast of the world-renowned luxury goods consulting firm Bain, the total consumption volume of the luxury market this year in mainland China is expected to rise from 8.6 billion of last year to 9.6 billion dollars of this year while the total consumption volume of the United States, Japan, Europe, decreased from the 167 billion euros of last year to 153 billion euros of this year

There is an indisputable fact that China has become an emerging market of luxury goods. According to the reporter, the 2010 Hangzhou International Luxury Fair will soon be held in Hangzhou. Not long ago, "Wing o International" held a low profile "Wings of charm," luxury exhibition in Hangzhou. Many signs show that Hangzhou is gradually becoming a "third luxury goods empire" with its scale of luxury goods market behind that of Beijing and Shanghai.


Author:Wu Jing Editor:Xu Danyu
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