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Louwailou Restarant
en.hangzhou.com.cn  2003/12/19 16:30  Source:www.chinatravel1.com

Address: Solitary Island, West Lake, Hangzhou

Tel: 0086-571-8796968

Louwailou is Hangzhou's oldest,most authentic and best restaurant. Any trip to the city must include a visit to this Hangzhou institution, if only to sample the great atmosphere of the place.

The restaurant is located on Solitary Island and has great views over the lake. It is lit up like a beacon at dusk so it cannot be missed and it's the one with the crowds of people pouring in and out all day. It's likely that you will have to wait for a table but it is well worth it. The food is superb and very authentic Hangzhou-style cuisine. Favorites here include the "beggars chicken" which is an entire chicken cooked in a ball of mud, and the dong po pork. Prices vary according to what you eat so you could spend a small fortune here but it's also possible to eat quite reasonably.

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