Hangzhou estimated to have 10m permanent residents

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Foreign Trade of Zhejiang in 2019 Makes a Winning Start with Export Rise in Volume Leading Major Provinces across China
en.hangzhou.com.cn  2019/02/20 14:36  Zhejiang Online

The first month in 2019 saw Zhejiang win an opening victory in foreign trade in volume, with a total amount of RMB 229 billion, with 28.6% up over the same period of the year earlier.

This achievement has shown that export volume in a single month has greatly overtaken the record of RMB 201.21 billion in September 2018, thus ranking No.2 with as high as 15.3 percent in the national share of the said sector.

Author:Reporter NAN Xi Correspondent FENG Chunming Editor:Dong Lixue
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