Hangzhou estimated to have 10m permanent residents

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Praises from Ministry of Commerce of the PRC for “Overseas Hangzhou” Exhibition
en.hangzhou.com.cn  2019/02/19 15:09  Daily Business

An upsurge has been set off at the 2400-stand exhibition of China Homelife Dubai 2018undertaken by Hangzhou Business Committeeat the end of the year. Close to 200 enterprises has attended the exhibition,with the craze created for Hangzhou thus sweeping Dubai.

The Exhibition in Dubai has just been among others along the route of the B&R, namely including Turkey, Poland, Mexico, Egypt, South Africa and Jordan. “Overseas Hangzhou” Exhibition undertaken byHangzhou Business Committeehas in the past 8 successive years drawn over 90,000 purchasers from roughly 50 countries, with nearly 120 million US dollars gained amid the corporations from Hangzhou.

Accredited by UFI, the 8 international expos held independently have topped No.1 across China both in scale and influence, thus earning affirmation and praise from the Ministry of Commerce of the PRC.


Author:Correspondent WANG Cong  Reporter ZHENG Wei Editor:Dong Lixue
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