The eight annual (2014) China-Hangzhou Cultural Creative Industry exhibition will open.

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Hangzhou Cross-border E-commerce Comprehensive Pilot Area Set Sail of “Digital Road of Silk”
en.hangzhou.com.cn  2018/04/03 15:29  Daily Business

Recently Hangzhou cross-border e-commerce comprehensive pilot area has issued the “New Foreign Trade, New Service and New Production Plan” and launched the “Ten Special Projects”.

In the past three years, Hangzhou cross-border e-commerce comprehensive pilot area has established 13 cross-border e-commerce offline parks, in which 1, 421 enterprises, represented by the e-commerce magnates such as Amazon, Google, Wish, payTM Mall, Newegg, etc., have set their offices. The year of 2017 has seen a cross-border e-commerce trade volume of USD 9 billion and 936 million, of which the export reached USD 7 billion and 22 million and import USD 2 billion and 914 million. Hangzhou now as China’s e-commerce center is, with fast and stable pace, striding ahead to be the e-commerce center of the world.

Author:Correspondent WU Changhong Reporter ZHENG Wei Editor:Dong Lixue
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