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Wahaha has been a leader of the beverage industry in China for 11 consecutive years
en.hangzhou.com.cn  2009/11/05 15:43  Source:Hangzhou Daily

Spring seeds and autumn harvests; Westlake gives out fragrance. In this harvest season, the Chinese beverage industry's leading enterprise---Hangzhou Wahaha Group, has received an exciting harvest. During the first 9 months, it has achieved operating income of 32 billion, turning over tax 2.85 billion yuan. It develops soundly under the circumstances of the global financial crisis. For 22 years, the total revenue of Wahaha is 181.7 billion yuan, turning over tax 13.3 billion yuan and an annual output is more than 1000 million tons of beverages. In the newly released list of China's top 500 manufacturing industries in 2008, Wahaha ranks 93; in the list of China's top 500 benefits-making enterprises, Wahaha Zhejiang ranks 44, No. 1 in Zhejiang; it ranks No. 2 in China's top profit-generating private enterprises, taxes ranking No.5.

Author:Shan Qining Editor:Xu Danyu
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