Joël Bellassen: Chinese characters as the core of Chinese culture
en.hangzhou.com.cn   2024-06-26 15:32   Source: Tide News

Renowned French sinologist Joël Bellassen asserts that Chinese characters are the most representative element of Chinese culture. As the first inspector general of Chinese language at the French Ministry of Education, Bellassen is a fervent advocate of Chinese characters. He believes that the essence of Chinese culture is deeply embedded in these characters. From his first encounter with Chinese characters, he felt that they were not merely tools for recording language, but possessed unique value unmatched by other scripts.

Bellassen's connection with the Chinese language spans over 50 years. Thanks to France's pioneering efforts in Chinese language education, Bellassen first visited China five decades ago. It was during this visit that he experienced the beauty of West Lake in the snow, an experience he has never forgotten. "In recent decades, I've realized that I most desire to return to Hangzhou," he says. For him, Hangzhou is a city that has preserved its historical culture well, exuding an "antique charm" and standing out as one of the most distinctive cities in China.

Author: Reporter Xu Wendi, Zhong Xinyi  Editor: Ye Lijiao