Ash Sutcliffe: Don't hesitate about coming to Zhejiang
en.hangzhou.com.cn   2024-06-07 11:50   Source: Tide News

Ash Sutcliffe, UK native, has been working in a Zhejiang enterprise for 10 years. During the past decade, he has witnessed the fast development of Zhejiang enterprises. 

In the decade that Sutcliffe has lived in Zhejiang, he chooses "vibrancy" as the key word to describe the province. He has witnessed the construction of hundreds of kilometers of metro lines in Hangzhou and marveled at the rapid development of high-speed rail in eastern China. "The changes I've seen are astonishing and unparalleled," Sutcliffe remarked.

For Sutcliffe, Zhejiang is not only a great place to "live and raise a family", but also an ideal location to develop a career. Initially planning to spend just a year or two in a Chinese company, he now serves as overseas communications director for an automotive company in Zhejiang. "I realized there are many valuable opportunities here, and we are making rapid progress," Sutcliffe said. He is pleased to see Zhejiang companies grow from small businesses to renowned enterprises both within the province and globally in a short span of time.

"If you are hesitating about coming to Zhejiang, I believe you shouldn't. The atmosphere and environment here are extremely friendly," Sutcliffe warmly invited everyone to experience the opportunities in Zhejiang.

Author: Reporter Yan Yiqi, Xu Zhitian; Intern Wu Mian  Editor: Ye Lijiao