Shaoxing Baseball & Softball Sports Centre, the largest new venue of Hangzhou Asian Games officially opened
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Shaoxing Baseball & Softball Sports Centre became fully functional a few days ago. As the largest baseball and softball venue in China conforming to international competition standards, it is the largest of the 12 new venues of the Hangzhou Asian Games.

Shaoxing Baseball & Softball Sports Centre is composed of two parts. One of them includes a main baseball field, a backup baseball field, an intensive training centre and a physical training centre, and the other includes a main softball field and a backup softball field. The venue is mainly in yellow and white, highlighting the local characteristics of Shaoxing, a city known as a "water town" and "hometown of calligraphy". At night, the white canopy under the lights is like a colourful ribbon that delicately connects all sections of the venue.

The main baseball field has 5,000 seats, and the backup baseball field has 1,500 fixed seats and 1,000 temporary seats. The main softball field has 1,000 fixed seats and 1,000 temporary seats, and the backup softball field has 500 temporary seats. In addition, Shaoxing Baseball & Softball Sports Centre also enjoys a swimming hall, a basketball hall and a tennis hall.

Upon completion acceptance, a men's baseball tournament and a women's softball championship will be held at Shaoxing Baseball & Softball Sports Centre as all-round tests. At present, sports equipment have been in place, and tests of driverless minibuses have also been on. A driverless minibus can perceive people, vehicles and other road elements in advance through algorithms, plan the lane and the speed properly, and perform such functions as dynamic obstacle avoidance, automatic overtaking and automatic parking. During the Games, driverless minibuses will be used as a characteristic means of transport in the venue to provide all-round, diversified and immersive intelligent experience for contestants, spectators and media reporters.

During the Asian Games, baseball and softball events will be held at the centre where two gold medals are expected.

Author:  Editor:Wang Jian
On the northeast side of junction of Jingshui Road and Xingyue Road