Clouds in Twilight” brings oriental flavour and beauty of uniforms for Asian Games Hangzhou 2022
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The activity "Easthetics of Hangzhou 2022"-"Clouds in Twilight" Bringing Orient Flavour was held in Hangzhou Public Library. The uniforms for Hangzhou 2022 and their design sketches were displayed in that scene. On March 28, Wu Haiyan, the dean of the Fashion & Textile Research Center (FTRC) of CAA and the designer of the uniform for Hangzhou 2022, introduced the creative idea and the process of transforming pictures to clothes.

How do uniforms deliver the exquisiteness of Hangzhou and the inclusiveness of Zhejiang?

"The most results of our research told us that it should be the West Lake. On the uniforms, we have patterns of West Lake’s scenic spots, such as Orioles Singing in the Willows, Leifeng Tower, etc., then, these patterns are connected by a string running through the clouds and rivers. This string stands for the tracks in the Hangzhou 2022, the roads of the city and the surging waves of Qiantang River, these three elements are integrated into this string." said WU Haiyan. As for the fabric of the uniforms, designers adopted silk, a local element of Hangzhou, to showcase the style of China and the beauty of Hangzhou to the world through design approaches of weaving and blending.

The design conception of "activate the tradition, transform the design, create oriental form" has been implemented in Wu Haiyan's work. Inspiring from local highlights, Wu Haiyan said that only transforming the tradition, material and colour system of Hangzhou 2022 can form the "oriental aesthetics" in Hangzhou 2022.

The designer team of uniforms for Hangzhou 2022 is introducing the creative of uniforms themed as "Clouds in Twilight"

The uniforms for Hangzhou 2022 themed as "Clouds in Twilight"

The designer's sketches of uniforms for Hangzhou 2022

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