Joy is used to illustrate sports spirits in“2022 Hangzhou (Binjiang) 1st International Exhibition of Sports Humor”
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Recently, “2022 Hangzhou (Binjiang) 1st International Exhibition of Sports Humor” kicked off. 3000 artworks from 48 countries and districts in five continents have been received.

Xu Yaoming, the author of cartoon Seizing Every Minute and Second and the awards representative, shared his inspiration of creation: “I suppose Asian Games’ motto is forever forward, whose implication has long gone far beyond the scope of sports competition, even represents attitudes towards life. "

Lou Yun, the Olympic champion and former member of the Chinese gymnastics national team, attended the opening ceremony of the exhibition. He said: "sports cartoon is a universally applied art form. It decodes sports competition skills in a humorous and relaxing way, and illustrates sports spirit in a wise and positive way."

It is reported that 300 selected artworks will be gathered into a painting collection Fun for Asian Games, which will be published by Zhejiang Education Press in June. The exhibition venue is Baolong Art Center, No. 3867, Binsheng Road, Binjiang District, Hangzhou. The deadline of the exhibition is April 6.

Nahid Maghsoudi (Iran)

Salar Eshratkhah (Iran)

Author:  Editor:Wang Jian