Ice Sports Spark a Boom in Hangzhou
en.hangzhou.com.cn   2022-02-10 14:50   Source:Daily Business

The 2022 Olympics Winter Games is underway, when Chinese Olympians are competing in the sports ground, ice sports training such as skiing, figure skating, ice hockey and curling are enjoying popularity among people living in the south of China. The traffic of indoor skiing training centres are boosted. For each day, more than 1000 customers come to the centres, most of them are students. Other ice sports are also in vogue thanks to the Olympics Winter Games. For instance, the customer number of the Daming Mountain Ski Area which is in Lin’an Distric of Hangzhou goes up 20%, 3000 or 4000 people go to this ski area each day recently.

Author: ZHOU Yufei, LIU Xun (Reporters)  Editor:Wang Jian