LGD Kramer: e-sports make me feel alive
Hangzhou News   2021-08-27 14:05   Source:City Express

Hangzhou LGD Gaming beat Shenzhen V5 2-0 on August 6 in theteam's last game for the LPL Summer Season in 2021, with the team's bot laner Kramer making a 15/5/14 combined KDA (Kills Deaths Assists).

Kramer (하종훈, or Ha Jong-hun) isa professional League of Legends player from South Korea and is currently playing as the ADC (Attack Damage Carry) for the League of Legends team of Hangzhou LGD Gaming.

Ha Jong-hun began to play Leagueo f Legends in Season 2 in 2012 when he was in high school, and showed an extraordinary talent in this game. Encouraged by his friends, he becamea professional player. His ID Kramer is a reference to the fictional character from Saw, a splatter film franchise.

Elite ADC player from Korea

Before joining the LGD Gaming, Kramer had already amassed two anda half years of experience through the LMS (League Masters Series) andLCK (League Champions Korea) viathree different teams: Flash Wolves, CJ Entus, and Afreeca Freecs.

From 2016 to 2018, Kramer playedas the ADC for the Korean team Afreeca Freecs, and won the 2018 LCK Spring Split runner- up and the 3rd place in the Summer Split. He participated in the 2018 World Championship, too.

Domestically, Kramer proved that he could stand toe to toe with many of his contemporaries in the LPL. He ranked near the top of the league's ADCs in many statistical departments throughout the 2020 Summer Split. His 5.1 KDA and 572 DPM placed him firmly in the top three of all the qualified ADCs.

After initially signed to Hangzhou-based e- sports club LGD in 2018, Kramer has spent the past three years with LGD.

LGD Gaming won the third place inthe 2020 LPL summer season playoffs and got the chance to the LPL 2020 Regional Finals. On August 30, 2020, it beat iG 3-1 and secured its position as the 4th seed of LPL in the 2020 World Championship.

Although LGD Gaming was not widely recognized before the summe rseason, it proved itself worthy of entering the World Championship with one victory after another. It's also Kramer's third time on the stage of the World Championship.

E-sports athlete fighting forHangzhou

Known as "Brother K" (K 哥) in the team, the 25-year old Kramer is currently the team's eldest player."Compared to the LCK teams, LGD gives me more freedom. However, there are still many things to be responsible for," said Kramer.

Kramer ended his LPL Summer Split 2021 by winning MVPs twice.The team ranked No.11 on the summer split and failed to enter the playoffs.He thought that was a good season,even though their performance was a bit disappointing.

Competing together for two seasons, Kramer regards xiye, the team's mid laner, as his close friend in the team."He is always reliable," said Kramer. Also, on the same day, xiye told us,"Kramer is very amiable and good-tempered. He has never been pissed off by our jokes on him."

The Hangzhou LGD Gaming club is located in China Hangzhou E- sportsTown of Gongshu District. Thiss eason, the LoL team came back to its home court to train and compete.

"Most food in Hangzhou is quite palatable," Kramer told us, confessing that the food from the canteen of the club and the restaurants around it is tasty.

"My favorite food is fried potato shreds. All the food made of potatoesare delicious," he added. In a previous interview, Kramer also mentioned tha the missed Chinese hotpot restaurant Haidilao very much during the season offs in South Korea.

A veteran who never loses passion

June 25, 2021 marked the 6th anniversary of Kramer's debut in the League of Legends. "Standing on the competition court makes me feel being alive," said Kramer on the day.

The six- year veteran has also wondered whether being a professional esports athlete is suitable for him. But after competing in so many games, he finds the answer is a YES and his passion always comes back to him.

"I don't know how long my career will last, but I will try my best to play every game and won't let my fans down," he added.

2020 was the year of esports as it was announced an official medalist event in the Asian Games Hangzhou2022. Kramer is rather optimistic about the future of the industry.

"For players, of course, it's a good opportunity. It is positive for the growth of esports. For the esports enthusiasts and fans, it also proves that e-sports is a healthy culture and will become better known," said Kramer.

Author:Jin Yingying  Editor:Wang Jian