Hangzhou Asian Games: Sing to the World
en.hangzhou.com.cn   2021-07-16 16:40   Source:HAGOC

Sport and music are globally used languages.They can resonate with people from different cultures,and in different languages across borders. 

The Asian Games songs are essential elements of the Asian Games culture and art.They spread the Asian Olympic spirit to the world in the form of music,and showcase the cultural charms of the host country and city. 

Asian Games Hangzhou 2022 starts a global call for musical works.It is a cultural event with broad participation from all walks of life,and this campaign is going to last for two years. 

This campaign is divided into Headquarters Division,Collegiate Division, Douyin Division and NetEase Cloud Music Division.Submissions of songs,lyrical works and musical tunes are welcomed to participate in the “Musical Asian Games” campaign. 

In March this year, the first stage of the call  was successfully completed.A total of more than 2,100 outstanding works were collected in response to the call based on the present and inspiring the future, while demonstrating the diverse and inclusive Asian spirit. 

Hangzhou is using music and sports to create wonderful Asian Games sparks,singing the "Musical Asian Games",and let the world hear the strong voice of Hangzhou Asian Games while leaving a shining mark of the era. 

Author:  Editor:Wang Jian